X Manifesto

We are a third culture creative community,

who zealously love God and the misfits of the world,

even in the midst of pain and discomfort.


We believe in the Primacy of Love.


We believe Justice is the hard work of love.

The test of our maturity is our love for the outsider.


We are adaptive and have the ability to FLOW like water.

We are shapeless and formless,

moving as a powerful force of Love.


It’s not about conformity but Unity.

We believe the more we unify,

the more miracles and beauty are unleashed.


We believe that great relationships births great visions.

We co-labor together by bringing different gifts, equal sacrifice.

Collaboration is not association. It’s relationship.


We are like a cloud.

We flow with the spirit and rain blessing on people.

We believe that X cannot be contained on a piece of land. She is made to be free and roam the whole earth.


We are called to Freedom and Blessing,

to see, know, affirm and give generously.

Our mission is to roam and bless

unleashing the Beauty of God to all the nations.


We believe movements start at the margins.

We go to the hardest and darkest places.


Criticism and attacks are normal. We choose joy. We burst with passion.


We choose to be known for our action,

not just for our ideas and talk.


We believe our best work is often unseen, where we don’t get the credit.

As we fade, He flourishes.

As we serve, we live.


The fruit of awakening is joy, freedom, boldness and generosity.

Our pain becomes a guide and a gift.

And as we are empowered by the beauty of our story,

Pain becomes our platform for power.


But above all, we do only what the Father is doing.

Whatever He makes clear we activate.