Spiritual Formation

What is spiritual formation?

We describe spiritual formation as, providing the tools, experiences and processes that shape us towards the likeness of Jesus and that bring healing and wholeness in our lives and in each relational connection we have with others.

How do I get started with the spiritual formation process?

Choose from any of the resources, opportunities, training events, and experiences that best suit where you’re currently at in your spiritual journey and developmental interests at this time. A contact email address has been provided for each of your inquiries for more information and participation.



LIVE! is a four weekend, interactive, self-discovery process designed to help you gain greater clarity about who you are at the core of your essence and how you can more fully live-out your unique, God-given destiny. An environment is created that promotes insights into yourself in the context of a learning cohort for mutual support, encouragement, and celebration of all that happens throughout the LIVE! process. https://newsong.com/live


Prayer Training

Cultivating personal rhymes and discovering the spiritual power that is available through prayer is of extreme importance in one’s spiritual formation process. Throughout the year we offer prayer training events which cover a prayer topic such as: increasing one’s ability to hear God, cultivating a life of personal prayer, and the biblical basis for healing prayer. ed.salas@newsong.net


Walk Thru the Bible

This half-day event is a way to discover the big picture of God’s grand story in the Bible through a fun, interactive Old or New Testament events. We believe that after diving in, each participant will be more passionate about reading the Bible because of a greater understanding about how all of the major themes and stories come together into a unified message. This opportunity can be an experience for the entire family (middle school age students and older). Coming to Newsong on April 29, 2023. ed.salas@newsong.net


The Vine

The Vine is a weekly, in-person gathering to study the Bible for the purpose of being rooted, planted, renewed, and transformed by God’s Word. Participants will also enjoy the experience of developing new friendships, worship, and praying together. https://www.vinebiblestudy.org/


Spiritual Direction

This is the practice of being with people as they pursue to deepen their relationship with God, or to learn and grow in their personal spirituality. A person is invited to share their story, including any questions or doubts they have. And the spiritual director listens and asks questions to support the directee in his or her process of reflection and cultivating spiritual growth. Each spiritual director is a part of the Newsong community and has been certified for this specific role. https://newsong.com/spiritual-direction/


Silence and Solitude Retreats

We set aside a time to corporately experience the benefits of silence and solitude at a beautiful, Benedictine monastery setting to experience how God is always revealing himself to each of us. This overnight retreat experience is guided which means that some direction is offered to help each person maximize their personal time with God. ed.salas@newsong.net


Couples Enrich

Couples Enrich is offered to every married couple, engaged couple, and couples who are seriously dating and considering what the future may be bringing for them. Each topic is presented by our faculty members who have particular expertise and experience for their interactive presentations. Five-week sessions of Couples Enrich are offered in the Spring and Fall each year. Childcare is made available to those with young children. couplesenrich@newsong.net


Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are an expression of Havens at Newsong. We recognize that spiritual formation happens best in the context of walking together in authentic community, where we are known and know others. Because no one group is the right fit for every person, our desire is to curate a smaller group experience and to help you find the perfect spot for you. Choose from men’s, women’s, mom’s, college/young adults, young families, and a second half of life group that do life together throughout the year. havens@newsong.net


Serve as Jesus Served 

Providing for the practical and daily needs of others was a central theme of Jesus’ life and remains the core to expression of his Gospel mandate. For those who wish to care for families who foster children, addressing the needs of those without a home, or feeding those who would otherwise miss daily meals, there are a host of opportunities to engage and give practical expression of the love of Jesus to others. Serve@newsong.net


Cross-Cultural Mission/Vision Trips

The Newsong Local/Global Team hosts a number of trips annually that provide revealing opportunities to see the heart of God at work in various locations in the U.S. and around the world. We visit our partners at the New Mexico Navajo Nation Reservation, a safe-house for young girls who’ve been rescued from sex-trafficking in Mexico City, our sister church located in a red-light district in Bangkok, Thailand and more. maribel.toan@newsong.net


One Year Internships

In the Newsong Internship Program we pair each intern with a staff leader/pastor with the desired outcomes of learning by doing, providing feedback, being entrusted with leadership opportunities, and cultivating authentic community in the context serving together in a team environment. Upon completion of Newsong’s internship program, our aim is that the intern will have gained much practical experience and personal development that will serve them well in the marketplace, a non-profit organization or in the local church. https://newsong.com/internships/


Newsong Online Academy

Newsong’s Online Academy is comprised of video courses with a view towards learning, understanding, and getting launched more fully into the person that you were created to be. Additionally, our purpose is to equip people with the practical tools that will them to live life to the full. https://newsong.com/Academy/