Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a process that involves responding to God’s invitation to draw closer in relationship. It involves learning to discern God’s presence and activity in your life, and make choices based on that awareness. In Spiritual Direction, you meet one-on-one with a Spiritual Director. Contrary to the title, a Director does not direct a person – there’s no teaching, preaching, advice-giving or judgment. Instead, a Spiritual Director will hold space for you to share. Directors are trained in the art of contemplative listening and create a safe space to explore God’s activity in your life. The Spiritual Director uses reflective questions, contemplative practices, and various methods of prayer to support the exploration process and assist in discerning life choices, dreams, longings or any other significant issues. The overall goal is increasing connection with God.


Session Details

Sessions are 50 minutes long and occur on a monthly basis. The cost of a session is $75. Sessions can take place virtually via zoom, or in-person at an agreed upon public location (such as a park or outdoor plaza).

If you’re interested in learning more about spiritual direction, contact one of our directors below to schedule a free 15 minute phone call consultation.


Melody’s Bio

My journey with God has been full of ups and downs.From a young age, I was taught right from wrong and made decisions often based out of fear – fear of disappointing someone else, fear of failing, or even fear of incurring the wrath of God.  Although this type of thinking helped me steer clear of some troubles, I missed out on understanding the delight of God.  As I have grown and experienced many joys and difficult circumstances in life, I have learned that God is always present, He loves me, He delights in me, and He wants me to delight in Him. The best news is that this is true for every person. One of my biggest passions is to assist others in increasing their awareness of God’s love and delight in them and to help them identify any roadblocks to experiencing His presence.  Because it’s In His presence, we know; we are seen, known and loved.

As for my professional background, I have a BS in Economics, an MBA, a Certificate in Spiritual Direction, and a MA in Counseling (expected graduation date June 2024).  I have worked in consulting, non-profits, and church settings.  Personally, I love the beach, hiking, riding bikes, traveling, engaging in great conversations with friends, and spending time with my family (my husband and four children) in whom I take much delight.  Please contact me to schedule a session via Zoom or in person.

Please contact: melody.g.mak@gmail.com to schedule a session.


Rema’s Bio

I was born and raised in the Bay Area, where I worked in ministry and the nonprofit sector. After getting married, I relocated to Boston where I received training in mental health and provided counseling in school and hospital settings. Working in the field of social work was a challenging season for me in many ways. I was in a period of spiritual doubt and looking for guidance and support, so began meeting with a Spiritual Director. My times in Spiritual Direction helped me navigate through questions of who God is (deconstructing false beliefs I had come to believe throughout my upbringing), as well as learning more about my true self and how He sees me as Beloved. The last 10 years of receiving Spiritual Direction has been incredibly life-giving to me, which is why I wanted to become a Spiritual Director myself and offer this gift to others. I deeply value this ministry and walking alongside others on their spiritual journeys. My hope is to create a safe, warm, and welcoming space to listen together for the voice and heart of God, and to see people walk more fully in their identity as His Beloved.

My educational background includes a BA in Ethnic Studies, Masters in Social Work, and Certificate in Spiritual Direction. Our family (my husband and two kids) has been part of the Newsong community since 2018. I enjoy reading, being outdoors, playing family board games, and eating delicious burritos.

Please contact: RemaChengSD@gmail.com to schedule a session.