Spiritual Authority Seminar

In person
April 16
9:00 am - 11:30 am
Legacy Room

This interactive, in-person seminar will examine the foundational principles for the practical use of the spiritual authority that has been delegated to every follower of Jesus Christ. Seminar topics will include:

  • What is spiritual authority is and what it is not
  • Learning the true power of prayer utilizing one’s spiritual authority
  • The principle of credit card authority
  • The principle of domain in spiritual authority
  • The principle of willingness and readiness in spiritual authority
  • Avoiding presumptuous prayer (over-stepping one’s domain)
  • Releasing blessing to others with spiritual authority


Registration closes on Friday, April 15 at 8:00pm – if you have any questions, please contact ed.salas@newsong.net


Breakthrough and Freedom Seminar Presenter

Ed Salas is the Spiritual Formation Pastor at Newsong Church, a multi-site international church based in Santa Ana, CA. Ed is the author of The Praying Church, Discovering What the Heart Longs for Through Prayer.

Hope you can be part of it!

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