Newsong Orientation

In person
July 14
12:00 pm

Newsong is the “Home of the Misfits.” It’s a vision that inspired us from the very beginning.

Dave G. always wanted to create a place where his mom could come and feel accepted. Going back to when his dad left, he saw her experiencing so much pain and wondered: does a church exist that could handle a story like hers? Newsong was meant to be the answer to that question.

Over the years, the vision has been further defined – we like to say, “We are a 3rd culture academy of Spirit-led misfits.” But what does that really mean?

Newsong Orientation is a place for us to break that down and introduce what it looks like to live that out.

We hope all kinds of people who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else in the world can find their place here.

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