Learning Cohort: Black History Month

February 24
7:00 pm

The past few years have been full of nonstop tensions. Political tension, cultural tension, generational tension, racial tension, and the list goes on. These tensions have caused separation, division and have led us to what feels like a new depth of relational brokenness. I believe that we at Newsong were made for such a time as this. What if we hold the key the unlocking the antidote our world truly needs? The beauty of knowing. The beauty of empathy.

This Black History month gives us yet another opportunity to strengthen our minds and our hearts as we step into what it really looks like to embrace and love the margins. Join us for two online sessions led by our Director of Sound and Justice, Jalen Seawright, as we dive into discovering what the heart of empathy holds for us all.

Hope you can be part of the conversation!

Link to Zoom

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