Encouraging Word Prayer

March 12
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Encouraging Word Prayer is offered by prayer ministers from Newsong who will pray for you in a way which is expressed as a blessing for your strengthening, encouragement and comfort in accordance with 1 Corinthians 14:3.  Each prayer appointment is 30 minutes in duration and offered virtually on the 2nd Saturday of every month.



“Today as I received an encouraging word, I realized there was more. A member of your team has the same name as my sister, with whom I don´t have a close relationship and have been hurt many times. Every time I would hear that name, my mind would relate to discouragement, judgment, and hurt. It was a battle. But now after reading those words filled with the love of  our Heavenly Father, encouraging me to keep my faith and believe even greater things can happen, I felt a Healing in my heart. I can relate to that name differently now! Thank you Jesus!”


“Thank you so much. It seems like I have been thirsty my whole life to hear some of the words you said today. The word from the Lord that you gave me, is for me.  There are so many things there and I will continue to pray. I am grateful God has blessed me with help.”


“Thank you for offering this opportunity for me to be blessed by your team.  I was filled with hope after the session and most of what I heard was confirmation for me.  Thank you again for your ministry and I will tell my friends about it.  : ) ”


“I am working from home for the foreseeable future so I thought I would listen to a different encouraging word prayer each day from my phone.

The recording I listened to today wrecked me. It was so beautiful and so on-point for this season of life even though it was several months old. Somehow the prayer meant something to me then but carried a completely different but equally powerful meaning today. How amazing is the Holy Spirit?!  As I was listening to and reflecting on the encouraging word prayer, I left like the heavens opened and God flooded my heart with a torrent of love. I couldn’t contain it; it was overwhelming in the very best possible way. I wanted to thank you for your ministry. I was blessed so immensely today by it. God is so good.”



Hope to see you soon!

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